Dance, Choreography, Installation, Visual art, Improvisation Performance, Banjjock

He liked drawing since childhood, and majored in painting from Sejong University. When he went to college, he got interested in expressive methods other than flat surface and attracted by the infinite possibilities of act, performance and contemporary dance.
After graduation, he worked in a dance company and drew paintings at the same time. To study the body full-scale, he entered Korea National University of Arts and met a lot of artists. They contemplated together about the body works. After that, he focuses on the expression itself in the nature. 
On 2013, he made duo art group, BARINAMO with his partner and dancer/writer, Bari.
Now, he researches <Body Landscape> as a first project of the group, BARINAMO. 

나모 한글 소개


Email : jjmclub00@ 


- Certified Somatic Movement Educator(SME) of School for Body-Mind Centering®(BMC) (2015)
- M.F.A. Choreography, Korea National University of Arts (2011)
- B.F.A. FineArt, Sejong University (2004)

Award & Residency

OBRAS in Porutugal - Artist residency2014
- Meetinginzdonov in Czech republic -Artist residency2014
- scholarship of Jeju culture and art foundation 2014
- Seoul Art Space_Hongeun-1st Artist residency 2011
- PAMS (Performing Arts Market in Seoul)Choice 2006

- American Dance Festival scholarship student 2005

BARINAMO Work  since2013 ->


(CH = Choreography, D = Dance)
Synesthesia Dialog(CH): Daehangno arts theater, Seoul, Korea
2012 Party(CH,D): Mipo Harbor in Busan
2012 Approach of Dialogue(CH,D): Joungbo Little Theater, Seoul, Korea
2011 102, Hongeun Dong
(CH,D): Seoul Art Space_Hongeun, Seoul, Korea
2011 BLACK4-Happening(CH,D): Korea National University of Arts, Seoul, Korea 
2011 BLACK3- Blockage of the circulation(CH): Seoul Art Space_Hongeun, Seoul, Korea
2010 BLACK1,2(CH,D):Yogiga ExpressionGallery ,Democracy Park Theater in Busan. 2010 LOAD(CH,D): Arko Arts Theater, Seoul, Korea
2008 Evidence(CH,D): Gallery Lamer, Seoul, Korea
2007 Three Women(CH):Trust Studio etc..
ᄆ(CH,D): Korea National University of Arts, knua hall, Seoul, Korea

Democracy Park Theatre, Busan, Korea 
2006 CUBE(CH,D):LIG Art Hall, Seoul, Korea
2006 Alice is gone(CH,D):Arko Art Center, Seoul, Korea 

Group work.

2014 'reasearch in island : 2nd,Samdal art festival , Jeju , Korea
2014'N18 Evoramonte'(CH,D) / N18 evoramonte,Poltugal
2014'poong-gyung in Evoramonte'(CH,D) / Castelo de evoramonte, Portugal
2014 'samdal-ro200' (CH,D): Jeju Culture and Art Center Small Theatre, Samdal-ro200
2013 Life Camp; Samdal art festival , Jeju , Korea
2013 Improvestadl performance :Werkstatt Engel, Niedersonthofen, Germany
2012 Road : Studio Gil, Seoul, Korea
(CH,D): young-chen Little Theater, Busan, Korea
2012 Gosupuri improvisation: Post Theater, Seoul, Korea
2011 Seoul International Improvisation Dance Festival:Arko Arts Theater, Seoul, Korea

2011 Time Of Streetlight: Under Mapodaegyo(Yeouido Hangang Park), Seoul, Korea
/Goyang art festival
/Junganggongwon in Gwacheon, Seoul, Korea
2010 Chuncheon Project:Momzit Theater, chun-chen, Korea
2010 The Path: Jungang park, Seoul, Korea
2008 Melt(Magpie&Trust)Imprpvisation: BIMHIUS in Amsterdam
2007 Seoul International Improvisation Dance Festival:Arko Arts Theater, Seoul, Korea 

2007 Magpie&Trust-Imprpvisation :Overtoom301 Amsterdam